Liquidity Infrastructure for Concentrated DEXs

Total Value Locked

Risk-personalized Market-Making Vaults

Market Adaptive Strategy
Exotic ranges to capture maximum fees, elastically managed as per the market volatility
Steady Spread Strategy
Distributed ranges with high volatility margin, designed to minimize impermanent loss
Stable Spread Strategy
Market-making for the pegged asset pairs, volatility protection in high-risk markets

Concentrated Liquidity, Simplified

DeFi Composable Positions
Unlock liquidity on your investment positions or invest in structured strategies.
Passive LP Expereince
Liquidity ranges are managed for you, and the earnings are compounded.
Liquidity Mining Programs
Participate in liquidity mining programs and earn additional APY from rewards
Get started with concentrated market-making

Join the Rivera Ecosystem

Concentrated DEXs
  • We enable deep liquidity for your pools by actively rebalancing funds in “price-action” zone
  • Convert your LP positions composable & source more liquidity with innoavtive DeFi products

DeFi Builders
  • Build structured offerings and powerful trading strategies for users of different risk profiles
  • Easily integrate concentrated pools in your DeFi product with our ERC-20 based yield tokens

Asset Managers
  • Launch non-custodial market-making vaults personalized for your institutional clients needs
  • Codeless strategy management, automatic fee collection, whitelisted vaults for KYC’d users

Partners & Recognitions

Partners & Recognitions

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